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Welcome to our online casino. Play our game and win the biggest prize!!!

Bingo Ocean

  • 1. How to play bingo

    • Players can buy from 1 to 20 cards. Buying more cards is encouraged as it will generate more winning combinations.
    • Payout is issued whenever player completes any predefined prize pattern.
    • Whenever multiple prize patterns are completed on one card, the prize with the highest odds will be selected as the payout.
    • The odds are calculated based on the unit wager amount of the bingo card.
    • Extra balls”will be offered to players after completed the first round with 30 balls if the potential winning possibility reaches a certain level.
    • Up to 10 extra balls can be offered. Each extra ball prize will be paid accordingly if there is any card fulfilled the prize patterns.
    • During extra balls offering, player can give up”, means to stop the round at any time.
  • 2. Bonus game

    • Striking any of the 4 prizes  will trigger bonus game “Steer the helm!”when the result is tallied.
    • The helm has two wheels, and the result will multiply the odds of the two wheels for prize payout.
  • 3. Golden Ball

    • Each ball has a chance to turn into a golden ball. When you get 3 golden balls in a round, you win the Pearl bonus.
    • The reward is a random amount of prize based on your bet.
    • The golden balls are reset at the end of each round.
  • 4. Free ball

    • Free balls can be randomly given during extra ball wager. Next ball will be automatically purchased for free of charge.
  • 5. WILD BALL

    • Wild ball can be randomly given during extra ball wager. Players can select the preferred number to create one or multiple winning cards.
    • The wild ball number will be automatically determined as the highest winning solution if the player does not select any number after 15 seconds.